Could the Sun’s latest publicity stunt be intended to distract from the paper’s disgraceful track record? No. That’d be cynical, says PETER FROST.


The Sun is failing to give away 22 million free copies of a special edition. Disgustingly Ed Miliband, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and even Nigel Farage are all helping to promote the sorry rag.

The Sun says it’s because England are competing in the World Cup in Brazil. In fact it’s because so many Sun and News International people are in court on various charges it needs desperate measures to save reputation, circulation and perhaps even the Sun itself.


Above are two excellent reasons never to buy or read the Sun. Here are a few more reasons not to read the disgraceful rag.

  • Rebekah Brooks and Cameron’s spin doctor and Andy Coulson are charged with hacking 600 people’s phones including murdered teenager Milly Dowler.
  • Just when you thought your putrefying paper couldn’t sink any lower it linked a breast cancer awareness campaign to its topless page three. Young women are invited to send the Sun pictures of them examining their own breasts for signs of disease.
  • Posties in Liverpool would rather burn the free Sun than deliver it. They remember only too well the lies that the Sun told about fans at the Hillsborough disaster.The Sun said that supporters had urinated on dead bodies and picked pockets of the dead and injured. It was all a pack of typical Sun lies.


  • Early this year when a six-day-old baby in Wales died after being attacked by the family’s dog, the Sun’s tasteful front page was headlined: “Dog ate my baby’s head.”
  • In 2007 virtually all newspapers published the story that social media site MySpace had 29,000 sex offenders as members. The Sun didn’t mention the story. MySpace and the Sun are both owned by Murdoch.
  • Labour MP Tom Watson has highlighted a breach of the law. The free Sun paper lacks a legal imprint showing details of the Sun’s printer. At up to £50 per copy, that’s a fine of up to £1.1 billion for the soaraway Sun.


This article first appeared in the Morning Star 16 June 2014



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