Michael Green’s book The art of coarse sailing was fifty years old in 2012. Here is a little tribute I published to mark the occasion.

It is hard to believe that the funniest Broads bunkside book that has generations of Broad sailors laughing out loud – Michael Green’s The Art of Coarse Sailing is now fifty years old.

First published in 1962 the book chronicled various disastrous Broads hire boating holidays in the1950’s. This was back in the time when all Broads yachts were made of wood, this bestselling classic is just as relevant and just as funny for the coarse boater of today who, in times of crisis, is wont to forget nautical language and shout ‘For God’s sake, turn left!’


This is a book that will still appeal to all those boating buffs who mostly find themselves boating around in muck rather than mucking around in boats.

Sadly out of print but easily available at second hand bookshops around the Broads and also on line. If you have never read it you don’t know just what you are missing.

This article first appeared in the now defunct magazine Canals, Rivers and Boats in 2012.


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