Another ignorant royal tells us how to run the Country(side). PETER FROST says No!

Last weekend’s BBC Countryfile programme dutifully doffed its cap and expected us all to listen to The Princess Royal, Princess Anne sound off with her own nutty views on farming and the countryside.

What is it with these Royals? They seem to think a drop of Royal German blood from the family that gave us the First World War gives them the right to give us advice on every subject under the sun.

Anne gave us her views on the badger cull. Just when Cameron and Patterson have seen some sense and agreed not to extend the shooting and look again at immunisation, the Queen’s haughty daughter put in her sixpenny-worth.

images (1)

The Princess Royal pontificates.

To send badger Bill thru the Pearly Gates.

…and while in sympathy you’re sobbing,

she suggests you dine on poor old Dobbin.

“Gas them” she told BBC viewers. Gassing badgers, of course, has been tried in the past, It was even less effective and certainly much more inhumane that the recent shooting fiasco. Just like her brother Charles and his many hare-brained opinions Anne won’t let the facts get in the way of her looney suggestions.

She will also pontificate on the poor and her opinion that it is perfectly alright for them to eat supermarket, or fast food products liberally laced with horse meat.

images (2)

Does this come from a Royal concern for the nourishment of the working classes? Don’t be silly. It is the horses’ welfare that concerns the Princess. Somehow she thinks a vibrant horse meat industry would be better for the horses. No, I don’t understand it either.

One subject that didn’t come up was dangerous dogs. The respectful presenters on Countryfile were far too polite to mention that Ann is the only senior of the Royal Family to have a criminal record. 608

In 2002 she was fined £500 and ordered to pay £500 compensation after pleading guilty to a charge that one of her dogs (pictured below) attacked and injured two young boys in Windsor Great Park. download

Both boys were traumatised and had to receive hospital treatment The court also ordered her to keep the English bull terrier – known as Dotty – on a lead, to organise training for the animal and to pay £148 court costs.

Any non-royal dog owner would have expected to have their dog put down after it savagely attacked and injured young children off its lead in a public park. But different rules apply to the sister of the man born to be King. Just a year or so later, the same Princess and that same dog Dotty hit the headlines once again.

Anne was visiting her mum the Queen, for Christmas, with Dotty again off the lead and clearly not changed by any training. Dotty rushed indoors and savagely attacked and killed one of the Queen’s Corgi’s. Her Majesty was not to pleased when daughter Anne’s dog killed her favourite Corgi. images (1)

Not quite the pleasant royal family domestic scene that you read about in the Daily Mail. Public demand for Dotty to be put down prompted a most amazing response from the Royal household. A new version of the incident was dreamed up. Just like so often in the past royal history was rewritten.

A ‘rigorous internal enquiry’ decided that Dotty was totally innocent and another of Anne’s dogs called Flo was wheeled in to take the guilty rap. Anne was allowed kept her beloved, if dangerous, Dotty. And first offender Flo, of course, was let off with a caution.

Cynics commented that if the unlikely story was true then all it meant was that Anne had two dangerous out-of-control dogs rather than one. Perhaps we should be grateful that the Princess, who clearly loves dogs and horses far more than she loves people, just wants to gas the badgers.

I think what she would really like to do is set her dotty dogs on them.

This article first appeared in the Morning Star 11 April 2014.

download (1) Grrrrrrrrrrr.


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