PETER FROST sets sail for Arctic waters where bloody slaughter is about to start again.

 As summer comes to the North Atlantic the waters north of Iceland bloom with huge shoals of tiny shrimp-like krill.

Giant maine mammals arrive to gorge themselves on this nutritious harvest of these bountiful northern waters. Sadly on the trail of the whales come the bloody hunters.

Largest of the animals will be the mighty blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus). At 30 metres (98 ft) in length and 170 Tonne or more in weight, it is the earth’s largest animalever.

Not far behind is the fin whale. Lighter, slimmer and more streamlined, than, but almost as long, as the blue the fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus) is the second longest animal in the world.

Fin whales can grow to 28 metres (90 ft) long and weigh in at nearly 74 tonnes. The fin whale has been called the greyhound of the sea. It can swim faster than a ship.

Like all other large whales, the fin whale was heavily hunted during the twentieth century and is a seriously endangered species. Over three quarters of a million fin whales were killed between 1905 and 1976. Today there may be just a hundred thousand left alive.

Despite the global whaling ban, one selfish Icelandic butcher is planning to hunt and kill up to two hundred of these amazing and threatened animals this summer.

Multi millionaire Kristjan Loftsson and his whaling fleet will set sail any day now in a bloody hunt of these majestic creatures.

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Loftsson cares little for world opinion and if, in his search for profits, whales must suffer a cruel and bloody death the Icelandic butcher doesn’t give a damn.

Explosive harpoons, shot into the whales head, literally blow their brains out . Then the massive corpses are dragged on deck to be carved into mighty slabs of flesh and blubber.

The butchered carcases are destined for the expensive restaurants of Japan, another country that has blatantly ignored world opinion and continues to hunt, kill and eat whales.

Trading in the meat of these majestic creatures is illegal in most of the world, but now the Dutch are joining the disgusting band of countries encouraging and assisting the bloody trade.

The people and government of the Netherlands are allowing the whale meat to be transhipped through the port of Rotterdam on its way to Japan.

World opinion has been successful in limiting the dreadful slaughter to a few countries. Today Iceland, Norway, Japan, South Korea and a few aboriginal tribes are the only guilty parties with whale blood on their hands.

Japan and South Korea are dishonest enough to claim their whale hunting is done in the name of science but this blatant lie has been exposed over and over again as just an excuse for a bloody meat trade.

Now it is both disappointing and disgusting that the Dutch people are planning to help in this inhumane and totally un-sustainable slaughter.

Holland is a signatory to the International Convention to Regulate Whaling. They must be persuaded to help stop the global trade in whales.

Banning whaling ships and whale meat in the Netherlands could set a precedent that will not only save the fin whale but might even stop whaling in Europe for good.

First step is to stop the transit through Rotterdam. That would make it very difficult for Icelandic butcher Loftsson to ship his meat profitably.

Public opinion has already scored important victories. Hamburg in Germany and several Finish ports have already turned away the Icelandic butcher and his bloody whale meat trade.

There is much you can do. Sign the online petition to the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte organised by Avaaz. Make your views known direct to the Netherlands Embassy. Protest direct to the Icelandic Government.

Even the Iceland Tourist Board have demanded Loftsson stop his cruel slaughter. Wisely they realise that live whales, and the whale watching visitors they bring to Iceland, are far more valuable than the un-sustainable sale of whale meat to Japan.

Meanwhile the continuing battle to save all whales goes on and Icelandic waters are red with blood.

This article first appeared in the Morning Star in the summer of 2013


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