A word of explanation for those reading this blog who are not involved in the caravan Industry.

This article appeared in the April First edition of Caravan Industry Magazine 2009. Guy Smith actually exists and is a very successful racing driver, He races mainly in the USA. Jeremy Clarkson actually exists and claims to hate caravans.

Guy Smith is the Stig – BBC Announcement

After months of speculation and rumour, the BBC will confirm the true identity of Top Gear’s racing driver the Stig in a press conference to be held on the morning of April 1 2009.

As we went to press, prior to the announcement Caravan Industry  spoke to Jeremy Clarkson who confirmed that Stig is in fact racing driver Guy Smith; son and heir to Peter Smith, multi-millionaire owner of Britain’s largest caravan manufacturer the Swift Group.

Clearly broken hearted Mr Clarkson told us “we are sick as a parrot here on the programme. This was a man we thought had killed caravanners with just a his bare hands and a detachable steering wheel yet all the time he and his family were making thousands of the ‘orrible things”.

After a successful start in go karts Guy Smith has had a successful career in motor racing including campaigning Bentleys at Le Mans and trying out for Formula One teams; but he has never lost his first love.

Indeed the Stig himself told us, “I love caravans. I always have.  As is well known, my dad and our family only have touring caravan holidays, we just love a simple few days in a caravan on the Yorkshire coast.

As a growing lad I loved caravans and even today there is nothing I like better than towing a large caravan up to Mablethorpe behind a reasonably priced diesel saloon for a short break. It certainly beats lapping the Top Gear circuit in a million pound Bugatti Veyron.”

Commenting on these revelation Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond said “I can hardly believe this level of deceit from a man I though was my mate. I really looked up to him, in fact I look up to everyone on the programme. I’m sure to write about it my next book – you’ll be able to get it from all good bookshops.”

Fellow presenter James May told us “I actually had a few suspicions when he taught me to reverse a caravan for one of the programmes but I still can’t really believe it – or indeed really reverse a caravan”.

An elaborate cover story had portrayed Guy Smith as racing exotic Le Mans style cars in Texas but in fact he had been living in a luxury Swift Conqueror 630 tourer, one of a large number of such caravans stored in a hidden corner of his father’s large garden near Hull.

The Stig only emerges in full overalls and dark visored helmet to make the Top Gear programmes.

A spokesman for the Swift Group Mr Richard White, told this magazine. “It will be such a relief when the announcement is made. Personally I’ve always hated being anything but totally honest and open with the press”.

Mr White concluded. “The Stig will be available after the April 1 announcement to open caravan dealerships and for other such occasions. He can be booked via my newly formed company, Richard White Personal Appearances Ltd., Beverly. Yorks”. Email Stiglovescaravans@whiteco.


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